I was recently asked the following question: 

 “Is there a unifying force, a binding force – or in other words – 
 what is the common denominator that guides OvreArts in 
 the decisions it makes.”

I have been criticized for too often waxing philosophical, but to that I say this: Music is philosophy. To miss this is to ask for a better carriage instead of inventing the automobile. With that in mind I answer the above question – below.

The backbone of OvreArts is collaboration, but the force that makes that and everything else we do possible is an intentional and ceaseless effort to fully embrace the hazards of innovation.

It is quite clear that thriving organizations – and people – embrace innovation, are grounded enough to know what is important to preserve, and intrepid enough to (intelligently) risk failure. They learn from new information and insights – inspiration for still other questions and the springboard for ideas. If more energy were spent thinking creatively about really challenging questions, rather than denouncing and impugning those who ask them, then there is no doubt that individuals, non-profits, corporations, politicians, and even governments in trouble would be much better off.

In the past two decades, the developed world has acquired a subtle attitude of cynicism – a system (and consequently a symptom) of thinking that has brought about economic collapses, wars, and an increased fascination with violence, simple pleasures and cheap, tawdry entertainments. To counter this, as Einstein so eloquently uttered, we must not try to change the world, but instead, try and change our thinking – and from there, and from only there, can a better state of our world consequently flow. OvreArts maintains that celebrating the innovators and fresh thinkers, those who challenge us, makes it possible to turn away from cynicism, and to begin a new, genuine discussion about the possibilities.

It is with this in mind that our organization, directors and artists have personally and earnestly pledged the following:

Every decision we make must first pass a simple but purifying test: Does the intended decision replace the kind of toxicity mentioned above with a greater will toward curiosity, selfless collaboration and generosity of spirit.

If the answer is an undeniable “Yes!”, then we know we are onto something worthy of time, attention, and nurturing.


• Everything we do at OvreArts – we believe in challenging the status quo… We believe in thinking differently.

• The way we challenge the status quo is by consistently ensuring that what we create is inventively designed, fun to experience, beautifully executed, and easy to understand.
• We just happen to make contemporary performance art.
• Experience the next OvreArts event and you will never think of ‘classical’ arts in the same way again.


“Artists bring into this world the magic that reawakens the heart rhythm to sacred emotion, the beat of love in response to the sound of beauty. The artist labors hard to contribute to the monumental cleansing job the world needs for healing so the rest of us can be reconnected with the diving.” – Malidoma Some, Ph.D., Shaman, healer, and African Elder

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