Teresa Heinz, Chairman, The Heinz Endowments June 2012

We believe your project represents an important endeavor, and we thank you for bringing it to our attention. On behalf of the Heinz Endowments. I congratulate you and offer my best wishes for success.

Jane Vranish, Dance Review, CROSS CURRENTS

” [Infinity was] a highly skillful abstract work with changing meters and textures, actually well-suited to the dance and something that pushed Texture out of its comfort zone…. _________  …[OvreArts is] a cadre of artists armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, something we have not seen to such an extent before here in Pittsburgh. It’s an overwhelming sense of unbridled creativity. And in the process, they are treading uncharted waters, confident that they can attract and sustain adventurous audiences who want to redefine art and entertainment._________ …they are making a discernable buzz.

Patricia Gibbons, Director of Heinz Chapel

I thought the Inaugural performance a t the Chapel was wonderful. The space was made for your works. It was THE best performance I have seen/heard in the Chapel in the 23 years I have been here.

Ted Sohier, WQED

“The Alkonost” and “Infinity” is history in the making! _________ … our phones were literally ringing off the hook with inquiries about tonight’s event…and what an amazing event – great music, beautifully rendered, in an unmatched space. The turnout was impressive and the audience was attentive and highly responsive … it was a ll wonderful. _________

I tried mightily to describe “Winter Overture” to my co-workers at QED today, but failed. I could not do justice to the experience .. the quality of composition, the texture and flow of the works on the program, the high level of artistry demonstrated by your artists, and the strong and sincere emotion carried by the mus ic. It truly was an outstanding artistic success!

Kassidy Wells, Performer April 2012

It has been three days post performance and I am still reeling over this fantastic experience. OvreArts – from audition, to rehearsal, to performance – was at an extremely high standard. I feel so honored and humbled to have been able to be a small part of this thriving. new program … I cannot thank you enough for founding this organization, and giving opportunities for musicians and the public to be introduced to such beautiful art …

Ron Markvan, Folk Musician, Audience Member, January 2012

If ever a standing ovation was in order, it was at Heinz Chapel on Thursday night. The originality of the music and the concept of merging various art forms in this concert has won the hearts of all those in attendance.

The Johnna Pro Show – Interview Excerpt – KDKA September 20, 2011

– Ms. Pro: …I salute the courage you have to embark upon such an endeavor in such uncertain times …  – Mr. Ragghianti Thank you Johnna. but it is that very uncertainty which creates a ripe atmosphere for creating such an organization. At times like these, art is a refuge and a lighthouse, not a luxury. Now more than ever we must rediscover our collective humanity – genuine collaborative expression is the vehicle for just tha t and that is exactly why OvreArts was created.

Megan Hensley, Manager, The Buckhead Saloon, October 2011

I cannot say enough how impressed I am with OvreArts and the work you do. I would be ECSTATIC to work with your organization again.

Ryan Ahl, M.Ed., Director, Office of Veterans Service, University of Pittsburgh

I did not get a chance to see you before you left but I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to you and your group.  You guys did an amazing job.  It was better than I had even dared to hope for.  What a powerful and moving part of the ceremony.  Your group received so many compliments from everyone I spoke to following the event.  I am so glad you incorporated the song “I’ll Be Home”, I had never heard it before and it was amazing!  Thank you so much for being a part of our Veterans Day celebration! “