We build big ideas.

Composer and Founding Director Blake Ragghianti is known for being multi-disciplinary as an artist but did you know he is equally versatile when it comes to taking part in the broader context of society?

In late 2011, Blake was fortunate to join Michael Murphy, Founding Director of the innovation firm Skyscraper, Inc. when he laid the first bricks of the business.  Skyscraper, Inc has a motto of “We build big ideas” and that they do.  Within 6 months of being incorporated, Skyscraper had landed accounts with three Fortune 500 companies, generating some incredible concepts sure to show up on national and international shelves soon (due to non-disclosure agreements, company names and product details must remain anonymous).

Back in 2011, Mike (known by most as “Murphy”) and Blake constructed a truly ground-breaking Creativity Curriculum which acts as the core component of the Skyscraper method.

In a recent interview, Blake said: “What’s invigorating about this job is that it offers me the chance to apply my creative experience to the corporate world – to researchers and developers whose job it is to be creative but who are critically short on effective methods of harnessing the real power of creativity.”  He went on to say “… and the best part is that – if you want to learn something, teach it – is coming true for me.  The more I try to verbalise how the creative process works, the better at it I become myself.  So in effect, my music reflects my creative work with these F500 companies and my creative work with them re-inspires my composition.  It is a delightful circle!”

Skyscraper’s vivacious belief in their creative process has already taken them to China, Mexico, Brazil, Korea and countless U.S. cities from East to West.  You can check them out at www.skyscraperinc.com



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