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Heinz Chapel selects OvreArts as“Resident Chamber Ensemble”

Pittsburgh, PA (March 6, 2012) – the OvreArts Sinfonia and Chamber Singers, Pittsburgh’s newest contemporary music ensemble, was recently selected by Heinz Memorial Chapel to be its first resident contemporary performance ensemble.  This marks the first time in its history that Heinz Memorial Chapel is making an alliance of this type and a first major leap for OvreArts as they jump-start their mission with a groundbreaking, free quarterly concert series at the venue.

Both the inaugural concert “From East to West,” on September 22, 2011, and “Winter Overture: music for midwinter” performed on February 16, 2012 received critical acclaim from Ted Sohier, host of QED 89.3 Classical Radio, and Patricia K. Gibbons, Director of Heinz Memorial Chapel.  Ms. Gibbons’ decision to select OvreArts as the resident chamber ensemble came after the inaugural performance of which she said:

“…The space was made for your works. It was THE best performance I have seen or heard in the Chapel in the 23 years I have been here.”

Mr. Sohier commented on the February concert, by saying:

“I tried mightily to describe [“Winter Overture”] to my co-workers at QED today, but
failed. I could not do justice to the experience — the quality of composition, the texture
 and flow of the works on the program, the high level of artistry demonstrated by your
 artists, and the strong and sincere emotion carried by the music. It truly was a 
 outstanding artistic success!”

OvreArts was founded in May 2011 by local composers Blake Ragghianti and Luke Mayernik with the mission of creating a collaborative and collegial environment for young, gifted artists and arts organizations of all media to collaborate on pioneering contemporary arts projects in Pittsburgh.  At their past two concerts, OvreArts collaborated with Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Company, Texture Contemporary Ballet, The Pillow Project and Puppets of Pittsburgh.

While the Founding Directors are currently the primary composers in the organization, each concert features new local composers, multiple soloists, and at least one guest artist.  The next Free Community Concert will be in November.  Until then, OvreArts can be seen on April 14 at 4pm at the Kelly-Strayhorn during their participation in the New Music Marathon, and on June 9, 2012 at the Space Upstairs, in a live collaboration with the Pillow Project.

On September 8, 2012 at the August Wilson Center, OvreArts will be premiering The Alkonost and Infinity, Pittsburgh’s first ever locally composed and choreographed full length ballets for symphony orchestra, and OvreArts most ambitious project yet.

More information on the artists as well as future events and fundraisers can be found on the website:  www.ovrearts.org.  If you would like further information, please contact:
Rachel Rampa, Fundraising Coordinator
412.720.7398, rachel@ovrearts.org

Brief Timeline:
■ May 2011 – OvreArts founded
■ July 2011 – in less than one month over $25,000 was raised in donations, individual and corporate sponsorships for The Alkonost and Infinity project.
■ September 2011 – Inaugural concert receives critical acclaim from Director of Heinz Memorial Chapel and QED’s Ted Sohier.
■ October 2011 – Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative grant bestowed.
■ December 2011 – both Founding Directors win International Composition Awards and honorariums
■ February 2012 – Second concert draws nearly double the audience and sponsorship and proves to be even greater success.
■ February 2012 – OvreArts gives birth to the the “League of Small Arts Organizations”  – Pittsburgh’s first ever cohesive alliance for small arts organizations.
■ March 2012 – OvreArts enters negotiations to obtain a historic ballroom theater to act as the physical HUB for the “League of Small Arts Organizations”
About OvreArts – Formed in May 2011 “Uniting young, successful arts organizations and gifted individuals within the Pittsburgh community by creating pioneering works of art within a collaborative and collegial atmosphere.”

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