Synopsis and Audience Guide

In life, we are inescapably confronted with the deteriorating and the ever expanding; with birth, death, and rebirth. How can we come to terms with the mortality of our loved ones – with our own mortality – with the ultimate decay of all the things we so desperately attempt to preserve, be they our material belongings, bodies, memories, relationships, or even our reputations? How can we ever begin to understand this universe, infinite in time and space, when our own experience is so apparently finite?

Our collective world culture is hell-bent on formulating an answer to these ancient questions as one can easily see in the thousands of philosophies, political movements, religions, and scientific theorems that make up our desperate search for meaning and understanding. Still, despite all of these systems of answers, it seems most of us seek something more – an inescapable universe of things unknown.

In that light, this work has no message to preach, no theory to argue, and no cosmic truth to peddle – for these would be symptoms of yet another incomplete answer. Infinity is intended to offer one a moment to let go of the search for an answer and to simply experience the beauty of the questions themselves.

Each tableau was inspired by several core human experiences that are at once extraordinarily personal, yet simultaneously universal. These experiences were the catalyst for all 15 Tableaux, musically and choreographically. Together they form a story, piece by piece – not in the usual sequential order, but in the way a kaleidoscope tells a story – by presenting a collection of fragments that are constantly slipping from form to form.  Total Time:  approx. 40 minutes

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Tableau 1 – What is loss – from the insignificant to the heart-rending?
Tableau 1

Tableau 2 – Pedestrian life, whimsical and childish. How can we be together and still experience so much separation?
Tableau 2

Tableau 3 – Human relationships – each a riddle and an ever-unfolding question unto itself.
Tableau 3

Tableau 4 – The frenetic, stressful and sometimes joyous forks in the road of life? Do we choose? Are they chosen for us? Is there a choice at all?
Tableau 4

Tableau 5 – Individualism vs. social-ism. Can there be harmony within the chaos? Can balance be found between extremes of entropy and order?
Tableau 5

Tableau 6 – Intimacy and closeness, happiness, peace and acceptance.
Tableau 6

Tableaux 7 and 8 – Fear, guilt, and disrespect of self and others, be it intentional or unintentional. / Can such brutal experiences be overcome?
Tableau 7
Tableau 8

Tableau 9 – Emptiness, hollowness, and the interminable passing of time.
Tableau 9

Tableau 10 – The search for hope, inspiration and optimism through uninhibited self-expression.
Tableau 10

Tableau 11 – Can we overcome the great daemon – the agony and fear of realizing our own mortality?
Tableau 11

Tableau 12 – Discovery, awakening, ease, flow, grace, beauty, light, and purity.
Tableau 12

Tableau 13 – Slipping in and out of happiness by grasping too hard at the preservation of the very same.
Tableau 13

Tableau 14 – Are we blind? What is it we cannot see? Do we have to see in order to know? Can we see with our hearts instead of our eyes?
Tableau 14

Tableau 15 – The realization and final return to something larger than the self – larger than the whole –the cycle, beginning again, a new dawn breaks, a new wave, a new moment, a new life – life, anew.
Tableau 15