Collaborative  ~  Collegial  ~  Creative

Why We Exist

OvreArts aims to unite young successful arts organizations and gifted
individuals in a collaborative and collegial atmosphere. In that light, we head the words of Twyla Tharp:

“Collaborators aren’t born, they’re made. Or, to be more precise, built, a day at a time,
through practice, through attention,
through discipline,
through passion and commitment—and most of all, through habit.”

—Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit

We have received program funding from the Heinz Endowment Small Arts Initiative and a long list of generous souls (click here)
We’ve also received indirect support from University of Pittsburgh, the Richard King Mellon Foundation,
and the Bayer Foundation. OvreArts is also a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

Who We Are

Our participating artists have dedicated their lives to their love of composition and performance.
Together we aim to explore the experience of music, not as isolated artists,
but through an engaging musical dialogue with each other and with our audience.

What and How

  We create performance events by crafting pioneering works of art
which aim to bridge the gap between audience and artist.
Every work is a premiere composition, carefully tailored to each unique event.