“…Another exploration of links between classical music and exercise will be offered by Ovrearts at two performances at the end of January. Ovrearts, which is in residence at Heinz Chapel, presents a handful of concerts each season and has previously collaborated with a puppet company and a modern-dance company. It presents new music, using a pool of composers and performers to create its programs.

“Asana Utsava: A Celebration of Music and Movement” is the brainchild of Katherine Durgin, a member of the Ovrearts board of directors. She wrote to local yoga studios about the project and asked each write back what was unique to its perspective. Then, she sent the answers to the composers who are writing music specific to each studio.

The nine yoga studios will perform their exercises to the new music at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30 at Heinz Chapel and Jan. 31 at the Bloomfield/Garfield Community Center. (Details: ovrearts.org)

“I have always used classical music. It’s always in the background, a great soundtrack to one’s life,” Durgin says. “I feel classical accentuates everything you do. Yoga is great exercise, because it’s all about being in touch with oneself. Classical music allows someone to really feel that connection.”

Using classical music has successfully past the first stage at Tight’s yoga class, which shouldn’t be surprising. Many people program a classical playlist while running…”

1509848_796624037031302_1714468433_nRead complete article here:  http://triblive.com/lifestyles/health/5031496-74/music-classical-yoga#ixzz2r3EgI7Lw

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